Affiliate Booster Theme Review

affiliate booster theme review

SEO Optimized/Schema Optimized Ultra-fast & Powerful Affiliate WordPress Theme: Affiliate Booster Theme Review

Let us know the Affiliate Booster theme review in detail. Because nowadays Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest markets in the world. Today 81% of the business brands are offering affiliate programs in the whole world. Most of the businesses are going online daily and offer a high commission by promoting their products. It’s the biggest opportunity for everyone to grab and earn millions of money easily through an affiliate.

We all know WordPress is the best, free, and easy to use CMS to create a stunning blog or website for everyone. Bloggers are using WordPress widely as compared to other CMSs. WordPress theme plays an important role in the success of your blog. There are tons of WordPress themes available in the market today but before selecting a theme for your blog you should note the following points:

  • The theme should be schema optimized that works great in SEO ranking.
  • Today 50% of traffic is from mobile devices, so your theme should be responsive. this also affects your ranking, Google ranks responsive sites higher.
  • It should be lightweight and have the fastest loading time.
  • Easy to use stunning features and should have readymade templates that will reduce your extra work.
  • Support and Tutorials about how to use the theme? is very important

Let’s have a look at Affiliate Booster Theme Review

Affiliate Booster WordPress theme is the best schema optimized and full-featured WordPress theme specially designed for the blogs. It is developed by Kulwant Nagi the world-famous blogger and affiliate marketer keeping in mind all the features and requirements for a new bee. It is the fastest and responsive theme that is easy to customize. Under affiliate booster theme review check out the below points:

Affiliate Booster Theme

affiliate booster theme review, affiliate booster review

SEO Goods

  • Ulta-Fast Speed
  • Schema Optimized
  • SEO Friendly theme
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Typography Control

Design Goods

  • 15 Ready Designs
  • 15 Pre-made Blocks
  • 6 Header Layouts
  • No Coding Required
  • Easy Customization

15 Ready-made Post Designs

affiliate booster review

The biggest feature of this theme is that it has 15 pre-made blog designs just a click away. All the designs are amazing and well developed which saves you lots of time so that you can easily focus on the post articles.

All the above blog designs are made using the Gutenberg pre-made blocks hence you can easily customize them as per your requirements.

6 Header designs

affiliate booster theme review

Another amazing feature of this affiliate booster theme is, you will get ready-made 6 designs of headers that make your blog very professional looking. With one click you can easily change the header of your blog, also you can make the header sticky as well as floating.

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15 Pre-made Blocks for Page Designing

Without using the heavy page builders, you can design your post or page in a super professional way. Affiliate Booster theme is the only theme that offers the following multiple designing features without any heavy builder or plugins. Following are the 15 super professional blocks that can use easily with Gutenberg:

1. Dynamic Block

affiliate booster theme review

In the Affiliate Booster theme, there is a pre-built Dynamic Block available in post/page editor with using this block you can create any design as you want.

2. Top Picked Product Block

affiliate booster theme review

When you are talking about several products in a post or creating comparisons, reviews of them there is always a clear winner; a product that you rate the best out of the lot. Most people don’t wish to spend time doing the research or reading your whole review. Instead, they need the best-selected product l in front of them. You can do this using the above pre-made block, “Top Picked Product Block”.

3. Single Product Block

Single Product Block is a very important block it is helpful to describe the main features of products with or without a list, it will convert the traffic into sales.

4. Comparison Table Block

Comparison Table creation is a hard task in general themes, you have to install separate plugins for that. But here Affiliate Booster added a simple Comparison Table Block, you can easily design a great product comparison table with a score.

5. Pros and Cons Block

affiliate booster theme reviews

We know without Pros & Cons the article is incomplete. Affiliate booster theme created a very creative multi-design pros and cons blocks. It is necessary to highlight the strength and weekness of the products, from which users decide to buy or not that product.

6. List Item Block

Another powerful easy to use block is “List Block” where you can make a list of features or services of products and highlight them. you can change icons and color of list as per your them color. You can create multiple list in one, two or three coloumns too.

7. Button Block

The button block is versatile and can be used with other Affiliate booster blocks or you may use it separately. This block is used to create multiple attractive buttons. You can create round, rectangular with small or big size, you are able to change their color, size, and font with slight customization.

8. Table of Contents Block

The table of contents is very important for focusing the contents in short summary, also it helps the users to jump to the required point or section. Google also prefers to use this feature, it helps to improve the ranking of your blog post.

9. Call to Action Block

To promote anything specific call to action block is used. This block will help to encourage users to take an action. It is used to promote affiliate products, to collect emails of users, and another specific call to action task.

10. Good and Bad Features Block

This block is useful to summarise the good and bad points of the products with its image and score. This feature will attract the users and make the conversion of that product. You can add this block in the post where you want without any technical knowledge.

11. Notice Block

To highlight the important message about any product or service this block is useful. This will helps to bring the attention of the users towards that specific message. This may use with or without other blocks.

12. Notification Block

affiliate booster theme and review

The notification block is a simple highlighted block of texts, that is used to describe important notification of the products. This block may be used to promote any contest or to promote any lead magnets.

13. Conclusion Block

The final pack-up of the blog post or the review article is to conclude the products and give the final words. A large number of users first scroll down to read the conclusion and then after they go for reading the whole article. So it’s very important to have a conclusion block. Here Affiliate Booster theme developed a wonderful and professional conclusion block which you can use with a single click in your post.

14. Progress Bar Block

To describe the products in detail we should use the animation progress bar that will clearly show the rating of that product based on their features, flexibility, and value. There are so many additional WordPress plugins are available for that but the affiliate booster team created it under the Gutenberg block which is a click away and very easy to customize.

15. Coupon and Deal Block

affiliate booster theme

To make the conversions there is a big role in coupons and deals that are provided. Users easily attracted to the coupon and deals, which plays an important role to increase the income of the affiliate marketer. This important feature is added to the Gutenberg block by the Affiliate booster team and very good looking.

Now we have seen the affiliate booster theme review in details you can check the demo of the theme using below button;

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